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Choosing a real estate agent

Being a good real estate agent (sales) boils down to a few simple things.

The most important things is COMMUNICATION

If a real estate agent is hard to get a hold of or does not return calls, this is a red flag. Good real estate agents answer their phone no matter what they are doing. The agent must be ready to receive enquiries from potential buyers and negotiate the prices. If they are hard to reach then this process will be much more difficult.

They NEVER switch-off

Agents who don’t answer their work phone after 5pm do not deserve your business. Good agents must be contactable (at a reasonable hour) outside of work hours.

They are empathetic to your situation

A good agent should be able to put themselves in the shoes of the vendor and sympathise with their reason for selling and take initiative to achieve the outcomes and expectations that the vendor has.

They keep you well informed

A high quality real estate agent will call you….a lot. They should have you updated every step of the way.

When selecting an agent ensure they are proactive, energetic and receptive.

If you’re looking to sell or would like a sales appraisal please call us at Prestige Property on 9 357 4086

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